Deep Swedish -Sports Massage, Chronic Pain Management, Nutrition Coaching, Stretching, Movement & Flexibility, Women’s Health, Aroma Therapy

License No. 1959

Nicole is a “Jane” of all trades when it comes to holistic healing. She began her journey as a Reiki practitioner, and later became a Reiki master in 2008. Intrigued by the world of energy healing and its effects on her own health and on that of her clients, she decided to attend massage school in order to share that awareness with as many people as she could.

Nicole has firm hands and soothing energy makes for a great massage experience for her clients. She is highly intuitive and her hands just naturally seem to know where to go.

In 2012 Nicole decided to become a holistic health coach because she found herself often engaging in conversations with her massage clients about proper nutrition and stress management. “When I changed my diet…not only did I lose weight, but my skin also cleared up, my energy levels increased, and so did my mental clarity. I wasn’t emotionally eating, and I felt more connected and in-tune,” attests one of her clients. Nicole also wants to be able to guide people towards making healthier food and lifestyle choices for their overall well-being. She believes in the utmost importance of taking care of one’s self first. “Self-care is so important! I believe in preventative medicine. It’s as simple as eating foods that nourish and regenerate your body, getting regular massages, proper exercise, managing your stress levels, and getting enough sleep,” she says.

Nicole is also a Pranic Healer and she has seen remarkable results in chronic pain relief while working with this modality, which of course is part of Mustard Seed Massage’s mission in helping clients. Nicole is available on Mondays, Fridays and every other Saturday or Sunday.